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Take your best case into court with Case Manager.

Litigation Training

Know what's required to advance the case in your favor, and let the other side know you're not a pushover.

Litigation Tools

Organize your case files, execute your case strategy, file professional motions backed by legal research, and more!

Pro Se Community

Connect with other pro se litigants to boost your morale, share ideas and strategies, and accelerate your learning.

Be more knowledgeable, organized and effective in court.

Case Manager

Case Manager is do-it-yourself civil litigation on steroids.

Litigation TrainingNavigate litigation with ease.

Learn how to devise a strategy and anticipate the other side's moves. Master the art of writing persuasive motions and pleadings. Become skilled in finding statutes and cases that prove your arguments.

Pro Se CommunityFight with an army behind you.

Join a community for pro se litigants by pro se litigants. Connect with people who want you to be successful. Access resources that help you put your best foot forward.

File CabinetInstantly access all filings in the case.

Upload and tag PDF versions of all documents filed in your case. Read, copy, print and even add files as exhibits to your motions. Search your file cabinet for specific tags or language.

Document BuilderImpress with professional documents.

Use automated templates to write your pleadings and motions. Save your drafts and work on them whenever you like. Download and print your motions in a form that's ready to sign and file.

Legal ResearchMake the court follow the law.

Support your positions with cases, statutes and other authorities. Organize your citations for easy copying and pasting into motions. Store all your sources so they're easy to find when you need them.

Task ManagerExecute a strategy to stay on offense.

Schedule tasks as they come to mind, such as deadlines for motions. Organize your tasks by the stage of your case. Track the progress of your tasks (starting, in progress, completed).

Expense TrackerJustify your costs when you win.

Litigation is expensive, but the winner can charge costs to the other side. Keep a running total of expenses. Upload receipts to document each expense. Categorize expenses for copies, parking, etc.

NotepadKeep reminders of important details.

Use an empty slate to capture thoughts and take notes on your case. Assign your notes to categories based on the stage of your case. Copy and paste notes into other areas of your Case Manager.


No contract. No fine print. No wishing you were better prepared.


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