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Case Manager — Do-It-Yourself Civil Litigation

No contract. No fine print. No wishing you were better prepared.

Be knowledgeable, organized and effective in court:


Litigation TrainingLitigation Training

  • Learn how to devise a strategy and anticipate the other side's moves.
  • Master the art of writing persuasive motions and pleadings.
  • Become skilled in finding statutes and cases that prove your arguments.


Pleading BuilderPleading Builder

  • Use automated templates to write your pleadings and motions.
  • Save your drafts and work on them whenever you like.
  • Download and print your motions in a form that's ready to sign and file.


File CabinetFile Cabinet

  • Upload and tag PDF versions of all documents filed in your case.
  • Read, copy, print and even add files as exhibits to your motions.
  • Search your file cabinet for specific tags or language.


Legal ResearchLegal Research

  • Use a curated list of legal sources to find cases, statutes, codes and other authorities.
  • Organize your citations for easy copying and pasting into your motions.
  • Store all your sources so they're easy to find when you need them.



  • Use an empty slate to capture thoughts and take notes on your case.
  • Assign your notes to categories based on the stage of your case.
  • Copy and paste notes into other areas of your Case Manager.


Task ManagerTask Manager

  • Schedule and describe tasks as they come to mind, such as deadlines for important motions.
  • Organize your tasks by the stage of your case.
  • Track the progress of your tasks (starting, in progress, completed).



  • Keep a running total of expenses.
  • Upload receipts to document each expense.
  • Categorize expenses for copies, parking, etc.

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